Cancer warning signs not to ignore

“Hey mallam Bala, so long! What’s happening to you? I’ve not seen you in ages.” “Thanks mallam Audu, but for this ulcer on my foot, I am entirely fine. I have been on antibiotics to no avail.” “That looks bad. I strongly suggest you see your doctor as soon as possible.“  

What are cancers?  

Cancer is an unusual growth in any part of the body that spreads and destroys everything in sight—muscle, bone, skin nerves—you name it, everything! Not to worry, cancers don’t suddenly jump at you: many warning signs and symptoms often precede full-blown cancers?  


A persistent non-healing sore: We sustain minor cuts now and again, so we often overlook sores. The natural tendency is to assume that you unknowingly hurt yourself. This is not always true and could be a dangerous assumption. A non-healing sore is a sign of danger—seek help.  

Unexplained weight loss: Lightweight is in vogue, especially among the female folks and the men are catching up too! It’s alright to lose weight through exercise, diet control or other means. The important thing is that, but you worked for it, so you can explain it. You shouldn’t ever overlook unexplained weight loss. Unexplained weight loss demands medical attention. Because not all cancers come with visible, non-healing sores, you shouldn’t overlook unexplained weight loss.  

Sudden hoarseness of voice: How often have you “lost” and “found“ your voice? It’s a minor complaint, isn’t it? But such minor complaints often clear up on their own. To be on the safe, take a quick medical check when you can’t “find” your “lost“ voice even after over-the-counter medications and other self-helps. Sudden hoarseness of voice might indicate cancer in the neck or voice box area. Check it out!  

Unexplained loose teeth in a single area of the jaw: Your teeth could become loose from gum disease and oral neglect but when many teeth go loose at the same time, you need an urgent dental check up! Loose teeth and a clean mouth don’t go together—especially when limited to a single jaw! Qualified dentists can tell the difference. This is one serious reason you must never patronize a quack dentist—it could cost your life!  

Blood stained stool: you should always be weary of bloody stools—blood has no business in your stool! Unfortunately, especially for those who use water cistern toilets, noticing blood-stained stools requires some extra care. You should seek medical help immediately you notice a bloody stool, as this might mean colorectal cancer.  


Painless wound: the most dangerous cancers could start painless! We feel alarmed with painful sores, but cancers are often painless. By the time the cancers become painful, they’re already eroding nerves, and the chance of survival dwindles. It’s very important to pay attention to painless wounds anywhere in the body.  



Cancers are killers, but there are often subtle warning signs—don’t neglect them! Check with your doctor any time you notice a physical health change out of the ordinary.   

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