Frequently Asked Questions
How can I log into the mobile app?

Your username is your enrollee ID and the default password is your year of birth.

How to add beneficiaries.

For corporate plans kindly liaise with your HR, for individual plans please reach out to your relationship manager to advise accordingly.

What services are covered by my plan?

Please log into the mobile app and view the breakdown of services covered by your plan.

How can I upgrade my plan?

Plans currently in use are upgraded after the policy year has elapsed, as we do not upgrade plans during the policy year.

Are there specific hospitals covered by my plan?

Please note that although we over roaming services, access to hospitals is in line with plan type

How do I get started?

Please Click Here to get started 

Does Bastion work in my state?

Bastion is currently operational in all states in Nigeria and even offers abroad and overseas coverage in certain countries. 

What are my benefits?

To find out more about your benefits, download the mobile app and follow the prompts here

How do I log into my bastion mobile app?

Download the bastion app from the Play store or App store, fill in the required details ( Member ID, Date of Birth and password.

My password reset did not work.

Contact our tech support team Here