Role Overview: Communications Intern

Join Bastion Health as a Communications Intern and become the vibrant face of our social media platforms, embodying a character (Betty or Ben) aligned with your gender.

Your responsibilities will include bringing scripts to life, co-writing, video editing, and contributing to the creation of communication materials.

Key Responsibilities:
Collaborate with the content lead to produce engaging social media videos.

Monitor trends for seamless integration of Bastion’s messaging into ongoing conversations.
Contribute to and edit various video communications targeted at our diverse audiences.

Craft compelling social media updates, linking to activities or promotions.

Who You Are:
A student, graduate, or youth corp with copywriting and video editing skills, having participated in one or more projects.

Proficient in leveraging diverse formats, including social media and podcasts, to support Bastion’s communication goals.

Comfortable in front of the camera, creating content for various channels.

Capable of working independently and leading projects, while also collaborating with designers, video editors, and stakeholders.

A generator of creative ideas with a positive and optimistic outlook.
Effective communicator, both in expressing ideas and actively listening.

Embraces candid feedback as an avenue for growth.
Possesses a “can-do” attitude and takes ownership of challenges.

Enjoys continuous learning.

How to Apply:
Post a Short Video 🤳🏽

Create a brief Instagram Reel or TikTok addressing a relatable health topic, supported by credible sources.

Ensure the video is witty, relatable, and memorable, showcasing your ability to inform, educate, and entertain creatively. Make us think, consider the feature, or simply bring a smile to our faces.

Provide the link in the application form below.
Note: Ensure the video is publicly accessible or grant necessary permissions for our team to view it.

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