Our Partners

We partner with top health and fitness institutions across Nigeria to provide wholistic healthcare services to our enrollees. Services include Telemedicine, Gym, Mental health support.

Achieve your fitness goals with up to 50% off

Speak to doctors whenever you want from the comfort of your home

Enjoy mental health support virtually made specifically for Africans 

Enjoy affordable, flexible, tailored health and life insurance plans through our partnership with OldMutual


Unique Experiences Tailored To Your Lifestyle

Wide Range of Fitness Programs

Our timetable offers a wide range of low to high-intensity fitness programmes to suit your fitness lifestyle. There’s something for everyone!

Supportive Community

Enjoy a sense of belonging in a community that supports your fitness goals and reminds you that you are not alone!

Ultra-Modern Facilities

We have over 200 professionally certified personal trainers and ultra-modern facilities across all our branches in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Ibadan.

Achieve Your Fitness
Goals at 50% Off