What to do when you don’t love your job

Everyone wants to work at a job they love and are passionate about. The type that wakes you up excited and you spend each day doing things you genuinely love. 

Unfortunately, the reality is often different. You might have started out loving your job but now you feel burnt-out or you find yourself stuck at a job you hate just to make ends meet. Regardless of the reason, dealing with a job you hate everyday can take its toll on you.  


Here are some things to try when you hate your job:  

Identify the problem 

Ask yourself this question: what do I actually hate about my job? Observe your job objectively; look at the different aspects such as job roles and duties, management, and working environment and how these factors affect how you feel about your job.  


You can start with these questions: 

  • Do I hate my job roles or duties? 
  • Do I love my job but hate the management and supervision style? 
  • Do I consider my job to be meaningful? 
  • Do I hate every aspect of this job, from the roles to the environment? 
  • Am I being bullied, mistreated, or discriminated against in any way?  

Sometimes, your overwhelming emotions about the negative aspects of the job can affect your ability to make the right decision logically. Your answers to these questions should guide your decision.  

Focus your energy on your hobbies  

You might be unable to quit your job for various reasons and forcing yourself to love your job might be an impossible task. What you can do is channel your energy into activities you genuinely love and enjoy. Do your job well but make time for your hobbies or a small business you can channel your skills and creativity into.  

Make a plan 

After identifying what you really hate about your job, you should make a plan about your next steps. Do you want to switch career paths? Make sure you don't make this decision lightly; give it a lot of thought to avoid jumping into another career you hate. If you decide to switch, try taking classes and gaining skills and certifications in your desired field. Learn about typical job roles and pay grades.  

Do you love your job but hate the company? Apply to other companies that have better policies and culture. If your job duties are too limiting or overwhelming, talk to your manager or supervisor for a chance to modify your job duties to fit you.  


Focus on what matters 

Think of your job as a means to an end instead if a source of fulfillment. It helps you pay your bills, fund your small business, get access to health insurance, and maybe travel the world. It might not be your dream job but it helps you find happiness in other places. If you are planning a career switch, your salary will also help you pay for classes or certifications. So, focus on the positives.   



Most jobs contain aspects that you might find unpleasant or which you hate but you can't always quit or switch career paths. If you are being bullied or maltreated, make sure to document every instance and report to the Human Resources Department, don't endure it.  

If you are going to change jobs, make sure to do necessary research before making a decision. 

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